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Girls Pumping:

Women increasing their intimate body parts using vacuum pumps to make them swell big!

Why girls vacuum pump their vaginas, clits, etc?

Woman applying vacuum pressure to her nipple, part of her breast visible!
Vacuum pumping might seem a bit strange to some people who have never experienced it or came across a site devoted to girls pumping their intimate parts. However, vacuum pumping is an activity that is very pleasurable and that any girl can enjoy alone or with someone else. Question, why would a girl want to vacuum pump her intimate parts, such as her pussy, clit or tits? Well the main reason we can think of, is the sexual pleasure a girl receives from vacuum suction that is applied to their intimate parts.  Imagine how much more sensitive your body parts become when you saturate them with blood. It increases your sensitivity level in the area that is being vacuumed pumped, making it easier for any girl to achieve an orgasm and have more pleasure that is sexual.

 If a girl or girls are decided in vacuum pumping their vaginas, clits, etc., they will do it mainly because it gives them a special pleasure in their sex organ. Many girls like how it feels after they have pumped up their genitals; it makes them puffy and big with all the swelling that comes with vacuum pumping. Thus playing with them will feel really good and arousing to touch and feel it in a different state. Imagine a girl with her genital all pumped up swollen large, how would it feel between her legs? How would it feel penetrating her pussy? The types of changes that occur with vacuum pumping can be quite arousing to some women and very pleasurable.

Some women like to vacuum pump in order to make a permanent changes in the appearance of their bodies and intimate parts. Take for instance women who love to have large nipples that are more noticeable and more alluring. It is always and exciting to see a pretty girl and be able to notice her nipples through her clothes. Therefore, if a girl wants to increase the length of her nipples, she can start vacuum pumping them bigger. Over time, they start increasing in overall size, accentuating her bust.  This also seems to work with for the breasts, allowing women who want to increase the size of their tits to have them larger. Vacuum applied to the body can yield certain benefits as you can see from sexual to enhancement of the body parts. This is why some girls love to vacuum pump their vaginas, clits, tits, etc.




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