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Girls Pumping:

Women increasing their intimate body parts using vacuum pumps to make them swell big!

Girls pumping to enlarge their clitorises!

woman enlarging her clitoris as seen expanded in size within the vacuum dome
Many women want to enlarge their clitorises as we have come to know. I guess size envy for both genders holds true when it comes to the erectile organ. Some research has been done which indicates that women with slightly larger and where the clitoral hood does not cover the entire clitoris are able to have more orgasms.

However, a clitoris that is not fully covered by its hood is not the same as size of a normal clitoris. Due to its larger size, the clitoral hood does not cover it entirely and the clitoris gets more friction during coitus. Women may opt to have their hoods reduced to expose more of their clitoris with the intent to help them reach or increase the frequency of orgasms, but this is seen as controversial.

If you wish to try to enlarge the clitoris, vacuum pumping can provide an alternative for small gains over time. When we talk about the clitoris, we are talking about an erectile organ, which is the same in structure as the penis. Erectile tissues are cross-sectioned at an angle, which makes it very strong to maintain its shape since it goes under pressure when an erection occurs in men and women.

Vacuum pumping the clitoris will cause it to swell and the tissues so that they are fully expanded. However, this does not mean it has been enlarged, it only means you have reached full erection. Over time, there might be a small size increase given that the clitoris is very small to start. What any woman will clearly notice is the swelling of the clitoris during the pumping stage. The clitoris will be fully engorged and look big when swollen.

If the clitoris was made purely of soft tissues like the nipples, the size increase would be quite amazing and any woman who wanted to enlarge her clitoris would be able to rival men in size. However, it is not soft tissue, so you have to accept only a certain amount of development. If you wish to continue with further development of the clitoris, then you would have to use male hormones for the body to react and develop the clitoris.




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